Air - Barefoot Shoes™
Air - Barefoot Shoes™
Air - Barefoot Shoes™
Air - Barefoot Shoes™

Air - Barefoot Shoes™

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Size (Unisex)



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Your daily companions for sports, leisure, or work.

Conventional shoes like sneakers or boots are often uncomfortable, squeeze the toes, and have a thick, rigid sole that can cause pain in the calves, soles of the feet, or even the spine after prolonged walking.

With the barefoot shoes from Riladia, you can finally feel the ground under your feet again, restore your natural gait, and at the same time protect your joints and spine.

In addition, the shoe is perfect for foot conditions such as hallux valgus or claw toes.

Comfortable, lightweight, and flexible

The Riladia barefoot shoe frees your toes, is super comfortable to wear, and fits like a second skin due to the elastic upper material. This makes your feet more mobile than ever while promoting a natural and upright gait.

Walking on clouds

Thanks to the ultra-thin soles (4mm), it feels like you're walking on clouds. By directly connecting with the ground, your ligaments and muscles are automatically strengthened, just like when walking barefoot.

Anti-slip sole and breathability

The closed rubber sole provides optimal grip on any surface and also protects against sharp objects. Thanks to breathable synthetic fibers, the sole remains airy, ensuring pleasant breathability. This keeps your feet dry and cool even on hot summer days.